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JLP-600A-20, 6-Ton Lever Hoist with 20' Lift


JET® JLP-A Series lever hoists combine safety, reliability, and durability that are designed to perform in light duty industrial applications. Safety features such as optional overload protection prevents the lever hoist from lifting or pulling damaging loads above its rated capacity. JET® also offers the option of shipyard hooks, virtually eliminating stretched hooks caused by point or tip loading. The JET® JLP-A lever hoist is available in ¼ ton to 6 ton capacities with standard lifts of 5, 10, 15, 20 and 30 feet (custom lifts available). The JET® JLP-A is the perfect choice for a contractor grade lever hoist.
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  • Safety
  • Weston Style Dual Pawl Brake System- Double pawl design increases safety
  • Alloy Steel Hooks- Industrial rated hooks rotate 360 degrees for easy rigging. Hooks slowly stretch to indicate an overload situation increasing jobsite safety
  • Durability
  • Needle Bearing Design- Promotes long hoist life with low wear reducing downtime
  • Grade 80 Load Chain- Grade 80 black oxide coated load chain for durability
  • All Steel Construction- Impact resistant covers that provide durability and protection
  • Compact Design- Smaller body and lightweight design for low headroom applications and use in confined areas
  • Standards
  • Industry- Complies with OSHA Regulations, ANSI / ASME B30.21 and HST-3 Standards
  • Certification- Load tested to 125% of capacity with certificate

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Load Capacity (Tons)6
Lift (Ft.)20
Overload ProtectionNo
Ship Yard HooksNo
Headroom (In.)24-2/5
Handle Length (In.)16-1/7
Lever Pull Force (LBF)77
Lift per Turn (In.)1/3
Number of Falls2
Load Chain Dimensions (Mm.)10 x 30
Weight (Lbs.)91

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