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JVM-836-3 Mill With 3-Axis Newall DP700 DRO (Quill)


The precision bored and honed milling head, coupled with the hardened and ground 8” x 36” table ensures retention of tolerances, while locks on all moving surfaces increase user safety. The JET JVM-836 has features you've come to expect that are backed by the industry-leading JET Two Year Warranty
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  • Precision bored and honed milling head
  • Large diameter quill is chromed
  • High precision spindle bearings
  • Over 10” of front to back ram travel
  • Locks on all movable surfaces
  • Hardened and ground precision table
  • Head tilts left or right
  • Graduated scale on column
  • Precision ground dovetail ways
  • One shot lubrication system
  • Way covers
  • Draw bar
  • Tool box and tools

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Digital ReadoutNewall DP700
Number of Axis3 (Quill)
Spindle Taper (In. x TPI)R-8
Table Size (L x W) (In.)7-7/8 x 35-3/4
Quill Diameter (In.)3-3/8
Number of Spindle Speeds10
Range of Spindle Speeds (RPM)120 - 1,550
Quill Down Feed Rates (IPR).0015 - .003 - .006
Spindle Travel (In.)5
Head Movement (Deg.)90 R & L
Max Distance Spindle to Table (In.)13-3/4
Distance Spindle to Column (Max.) (In.)15-3/4
Distance Spindle to Column (Min.) (In.)5-1/4
Collet Capacity1/8 - 7/8
Table Longitudinal Travel (In.)22-1/4
Table Longitudinal Travel With Powerfeed (In.)18
Table Cross Travel (In.)9-1/2
T-Slots Number and Size (In.)3 and 5/8
T-Slot Centers (In.)2-1/2
Work Table Weight Capacity (Lbs.)500
Travel of Knee (In.)14
Travel of Ram (In.)10-1/2
Motor (HP)1-1/2 HP, 230V Only, 3Ph
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) (In.)55 x 52 x 78
Weight (Lbs.)1,610

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JET Red Assurance 2-Year Warranty

JET warrants every product it sells. If one of our tools needs service or repair, one of our Authorized Service Centers located throughout the United States can give you quick service. In most cases, any of these JPW Industries Authorized Service Centers can authorize warranty repair, assist you in obtaining parts, or perform routine maintenance and major repair on your JET tools. For the name of an Authorized Service Center in your area call 1-800-274-6848.
Stock NoModel NoDigital ReadoutNumber of AxisPowerfeedPower Draw BarSpindle Taper (In. x TPI)Buying Options
690213JVM-836-1ACU-RITE VUE3 (Quill)X-AxisR-8
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691228JVM-836-1Newall DP7003 (Knee)R-8
Buy Now >> 691228
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691176JVM-836-1Newall DP7003 (Quill)R-8
Buy Now >> 691176
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691177JVM-836-1Newall DP7003 (Quill)X-AxisR-8
Buy Now >> 691177
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690177JVM-836-1ACU-RITE 200S2R-8
Buy Now >> 690177
Find Dealer >> 690177
690144JVM-836-1ACU-RITE 200S2X-AxisR-8
Buy Now >> 690144
Find Dealer >> 690144
690239JVM-836-1ACU-RITE VUE2R-8
Buy Now >> 690239
Find Dealer >> 690239
691173JVM-836-1Newall DP7002R-8
Buy Now >> 691173
Find Dealer >> 691173
691175JVM-836-1Newall DP7002X and Y-AxisR-8
Buy Now >> 691175
Find Dealer >> 691175
691174JVM-836-1Newall DP7002X-AxisR-8
Buy Now >> 691174
Find Dealer >> 691174
690211JVM-836-1X and Y-AxisR-8
Buy Now >> 690211
Find Dealer >> 690211
Buy Now >> 690156
Find Dealer >> 690156
Buy Now >> 690036
Find Dealer >> 690036
691184JVM-836-3Newall DP7003 (Quill)R-8
Buy Now >> 691184
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691186JVM-836-3Newall DP7003 (Quill)X and Y-AxisR-8
Buy Now >> 691186
Find Dealer >> 691186
691185JVM-836-3Newall DP7003 (Quill)X-AxisR-8
Buy Now >> 691185
Find Dealer >> 691185
690190JVM-836-3ACU-RITE 200S2R-8
Buy Now >> 690190
Find Dealer >> 690190
690146JVM-836-3ACU-RITE 200S2X-AxisR-8
Buy Now >> 690146
Find Dealer >> 690146
690191JVM-836-3ACU-RITE VUE2R-8
Buy Now >> 690191
Find Dealer >> 690191
690194JVM-836-3ACU-RITE VUE2X-AxisR-8
Buy Now >> 690194
Find Dealer >> 690194
691180JVM-836-3Newall DP7002X-AxisR-8
Buy Now >> 691180
Find Dealer >> 691180
691183JVM-836-3Newall DP7002X and Y-AxisR-8
Buy Now >> 691183
Find Dealer >> 691183
691179JVM-836-3Newall DP7002R-8
Buy Now >> 691179
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690175JVM-836-3X and Y-AxisR-8
Buy Now >> 690175
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Buy Now >> 690174
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