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Stock NoModel NoDigital ReadoutNumber of AxisPowerfeedPower Draw BarSpindle Taper (In. x TPI)Buying Options
Buy Now >> 690062
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690138JTM-1050EVS/460ACU-RITE 200S3 (Knee)X-AxisR-8
Buy Now >> 690138
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691219JTM-1050EVS/460Newall DP7003 (Quill)R-8
Buy Now >> 691219
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691221JTM-1050EVS/460Newall DP7003 (Quill)X and Y-AxisR-8
Buy Now >> 691221
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691220JTM-1050EVS/460Newall DP7003 (Quill)X-AxisR-8
Buy Now >> 691220
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690137JTM-1050EVS/460ACU-RITE 200S2X-AxisR-8
Buy Now >> 690137
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690154JTM-1050EVS/460ACU-RITE 200S2X and Y-AxisR-8
Buy Now >> 690154
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690316JTM-1050EVS/460ACU-RITE 300S2X-AxisR-8
Buy Now >> 690316
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690313JTM-1050EVS/460ACU-RITE 300S2X and Y-AxisR-8
Buy Now >> 690313
Find Dealer >> 690313
690405JTM-1050EVS/460ACU-RITE VUE2X-AxisR-8
Buy Now >> 690405
Find Dealer >> 690405
691216JTM-1050EVS/460Newall DP7002R-8
Buy Now >> 691216
Find Dealer >> 691216
691218JTM-1050EVS/460Newall DP7002X and Y-AxisR-8
Buy Now >> 691218
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691231JTM-1050EVS/460Newall DP7002X and Y-AxisPneumaticR-8
Buy Now >> 691231
Find Dealer >> 691231
691217JTM-1050EVS/460Newall DP7002X-AxisR-8
Buy Now >> 691217
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Buy Now >> 690189
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