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Introducing the All-New 14SFBandsaw

JET Lever Hoists

For more than 50 years, industrial tradesmen have relied on JET® to provide the safest and most durable chain and lever hoists for their lifting, pulling and holding applications. If you are looking for a hand operated chain hoist or a best-in-class lever hoist equipped with overload protection and shipyard hooks, JET has the right product to fit the toughest jobs in the most demanding environments.

JLH Series Lever Hoists
The JLH Series is the most advanced lever hoists in the market. Features such as overload... More +
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JLP-A Series Lever Hoists
JET is committed to delivering the simplest and most efficient safety solutions. The JLP-A series... More +
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Lever Hoists

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JET Lever Hoists are available from ¼ ton to 9 ton capacities, with optional overload protection,... More +