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  • JPW Industries Inc.

    JPW Industries Inc. is a leading manufacturer and importer of Metalworking, Woodworking and Material Handling products and North America, offering customer-specific solutions for Manufacturing products from its brands JET, Wilton and Powermatic.
  • The JET Advantage

    The JET Advantage gives you a greater depth and breadth of line, higher quality, innovative products, professional manuals, Industry leading warranties and over 750 authorized service centers. Click here to learn more.
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    Contact Us

    JET is always happy to hear from you. Click here for our contact information and we will do our best to get all of your questions answered as quick as possible
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  • History

    JET is committed to being the brand you depend on for the highest levels of quality, innovation and service. This isn’t just talk. It’s been our way since the first JET products were introduced more than 50 years ago.
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    JET is proud to sponsor a number of individuals who are dedicated JET enthusiasts. Check out the latest happenings with each of our sponsored JET tool users.
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