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  • New Products

  • JET Tools is constantly working with new technologies and developing innovative products that meet and exceed the highest standards in speed, precision and durability, achieving great results, use after use. JET Tools, Stand Behind Your Work.
  • NEW JET Construction Air Tools

    Introducing a new line of JET Construction Air Tools. Twenty-three new air tools in the six categories of Sand Rammers, Rivet Busters, Chipping Hammers, Paving Breakers, a 6 inch Horizontal Grinder and a 1/2 inch Industrial Drill.
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    NEW JET Metal Forming Line Expansion

    JET Tools is extremely proud to announce our new expanded line of Metal Forming Machinery. We expanded our line of Box & Pan Brakes, Plate Roller and added additional new lines of Roll Benders, Pipe Notcher, Sheet Metal Notchers, Lockformer and a Shrinker Stretcher.
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  • 16-32 Drum Sander

    JET Woodworking introduces the new 16-32 Drum Sander
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    Industrial Bench Grinders

    Check out JET industrial's newest Bench Grinders
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  • JET Industrial 17" and 22" Drill Presses

    The New JET Industrial Drill Presses are available in 17" and 22" models. Accuracy, stability and versatility are the benchmark features of these new heavy duty industrial drill presses
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    7" x 12" Industrial Horizontal/Vertical Bandsaws

    JET's newest Industrial 7" x 12" Horizontal/Vertical Bandsaws are built for industrial grade performance with a multi-position blade guide, material stop and improved stand.
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  • JET Woodworking 1840 Lathes

    JET Introduces the newest lathes to it's woodworking family, the 1840 Lathes. Turn Confidently with JET Tools!
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    JET JLH & JLP-A Lever Hoists

    JET introduces a new line of JLH Series Lever Hoists and JLP-A Series Lever Hoists. Available in multiple ton and lift capacities, find the perfect hoist for any job!
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  • Woodworking Scroll Saw

    Reduce time and effort with the new JET Woodworking Scroll Saw
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    Metalworking EVS MIlls

    Introducing JET's newest line of Metalworking EVS Mills - safer, more durable and easier to use.
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  • JET Woodworking Cyclone Dust Collectors

    JET proudly introduces a new line of Dust Collectors - the JET Cyclone Collection. Check out the newest lineup of our efficient, Dust Collectors
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    JET Air Compressors

    JET has introduced a new line of Air Compressors to our Air Tools line. Built to provide reliable performance in the most demanding environments.
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  • JET 15, 18 and 20 Bandsaws

    JET introduces the newest addition to their woodworking bandsaw line, the 15", 18" and 20" Bandsaws.
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    NEW Woodworking Mini-Lathes

    The new JET 1015 Standard and Variable Speed mini lathes are geared towards beginner turners who are looking to get started in wood turning. These mini-lathes are user-friendly, affordable and slightly smaller in size. They are the perfect addition to any shop.
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