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E-1236VS With ACU-RITE 203 DRO With Collet Closer

EVS LATHES COMPACT. POWERFUL. PERFECTION. These lathes pack large lathe features into compact footprints that make them perfect for schools, small shops, and engineering labs. Featuring an Electro-magnetic brake, 3 Jaw Chuck, ball bearing-mounted steady & follow rests and CNC Style Lighting with enclosed splash guard, these lathes are CSA / CUS Certified, and truly are Elite!
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  • Electromagnetic assisted foot brake for rapid braking
  • Inverter drive system provides infinitely variable spindle speeds
  • Steady and follow rest feature double sealed ball bearing guides for smooth material movements
  • Chuck guards are standard equipment on all ELITE lathes for increased safety
  • Front facing chip pan allows easy chip removal from the front of the machine
  • 1-9/16" Spindle Bore
  • Two speed gearbox allows low speeds from 40-365 RPM to high speeds from 165-2000 RPM
  • Hardened and ground gears in headstock reduce vibration and deflection
  • Class 7 precision taper roller bearings keep spindle run out to a maximum of 0.0004
  • Fully lit with CNC style lighting, the enclosed full length splash guard is expertly designed to contain all chips and coolant
  • Overload clutch at feed shaft prevents the carriage from crashing into the chuck
  • Certified Meehanite® castings retain their tolerances and remain rigid through many years of machining
  • Integrated locking tool cabinet in stand on 12" Lathe
  • LED RPM readout allows for precise turning speeds
  • For added safety, the E-1236VS Lathe follows strict guidelines and electrical requirements to be certified by CSA Group
  • Standard Equipment
  • 6" 3-Jaw chuck
  • 10" Faceplate for 12" Lathes
  • 12" Faceplate for 13 & 14" Lathes
  • Steady Rest-Ball Bearing
  • Follow Rest- Ball Bearing
  • 4-Way Tool Post
  • Chuck Guard
  • 4-Position Carriage Stop
  • Threading Dial
  • Coolant System
  • Center Sleeve
  • Dead Center
  • Leveling Pads
  • Tool Box With Tools

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Size12 x 36
Accessory 2Collet Closer
Digital ReadoutACU-RITE 203
Swing Over Bed (In.)12
Swing Over Cross Slide (In.)7-5/16
Swing Through Gap (In.)17-1/2
Length of Gap (In.)9-1/2
Distance Between Centers (In.)36
Spindle Bore (In.)1-9/16
Spindle MountD1-4
Spindle Taper with SleeveMT-5
Number of Spindle SpeedsVariable
Range of Spindle Speeds (RPM)0 - 2,000
Number of Longitudinal and Cross Feed Rates50
Range of Longitudinal Feeds (IPR)0.0016 - 0.046
Range of Cross Feeds (IPR)0.0005 - 0.015
Number of Inch Threads34
Range of Inch Threads (TPI)2 - 56
Number of Metric Threads33
Range of Metric Threads0.5 - 12
Max Tool Size (In.)1/2 x 1/2
Compound Slide Travel (In.)3-1/2
Cross Slide Travel (In.)6-3/4
Tailstock Spindle Travel (In.)4
Taper in Tailstock SpindleMT-3
Follow Rest Capacity (In.)1/4 - 1-1/8
Steady Rest Capacity (In.)1/4 - 2-1/2
Width of Bed (In.)7-1/2
Motor (HP)2 HP, 230V, 1 or 3 Ph
Amperage Draw @ 230V 1Ph27
Ampearge Draw @ 230V 3Ph19
Coolant Pump Motor1/8 HP
Weight (Lbs.)1212
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) (In.)71 x 30 x 60
Style (Type)ELITE EVS

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JET Elite 3-Year Warranty

Industry Leading Warranty and Service

All Elite Machinery is backed by a 3 Year Parts and Labor Warranty. The Elite 3-Year Warranty is backed by JET with over 55 years of providing unparalleled service and support.

Contact 1-855-336-4032 for more information.
Stock NoModel NoSizeAccessory 1Accessory 2Digital ReadoutSwing Over Bed (In.)Buying Options
892030E-1440VS14 x 4014
Find Dealer >> 892030
892020E-1340VS13 x 4013
Find Dealer >> 892020
892000E-1236VS12 x 3612
Find Dealer >> 892000
892450E-1440VS14 x 40Taper Attachment14
Find Dealer >> 892450
892400E-1340VS13 x 40Taper Attachment13
Find Dealer >> 892400
892300E-1236VS12 x 36Taper Attachment12
Find Dealer >> 892300
892451E-1440VS14 x 40Collet Closer14
Find Dealer >> 892451
892401E-1340VS13 x 40Collet Closer13
Find Dealer >> 892401
892301E-1236VS12 x 36Collet Closer12
Find Dealer >> 892301
892452E-1440VS14 x 40Taper AttachmentCollet Closer14
Find Dealer >> 892452
892402E-1340VS13 x 40Taper AttachmentCollet Closer13
Find Dealer >> 892402
892302E-1236VS12 x 36Taper AttachmentCollet Closer12
Find Dealer >> 892302
892453E-1440VS14 x 40ACU-RITE 200S14
Find Dealer >> 892453
892403E-1340VS13 x 40ACU-RITE 200S13
Find Dealer >> 892403
892303E-1236VS12 x 36ACU-RITE 20312
Find Dealer >> 892303
892454E-1440VS14 x 40Taper AttachmentACU-RITE 200S14
Find Dealer >> 892454
892404E-1340VS13 x 40Taper AttachmentACU-RITE 200S13
Find Dealer >> 892404
892304E-1236VS12 x 36Taper AttachmentACU-RITE 20312
Find Dealer >> 892304
892455E-1440VS14 x 40Collet CloserACU-RITE 200S14
Find Dealer >> 892455
892405E-1340VS13 x 40Collet CloserACU-RITE 200S13
Find Dealer >> 892405
892305E-1236VS12 x 36Collet CloserACU-RITE 20312
Find Dealer >> 892305
892456E-1440VS14 x 40Taper AttachmentCollet CloserACU-RITE 200S14
Find Dealer >> 892456
892406E-1340VS13 x 40Taper AttachmentCollet CloserACU-RITE 200S13
Find Dealer >> 892406
892306E-1236VS12 x 36Taper AttachmentCollet CloserACU-RITE 20312
Find Dealer >> 892306
892457E-1440VS14 x 40ACU-RITE 200S W/ CSS14
Find Dealer >> 892457
892407E-1340VS13 x 40ACU-RITE 200S W/ CSS13
Find Dealer >> 892407
892307E-1236VS12 x 36ACU-RITE 203 W/ CSS12
Find Dealer >> 892307
892458E-1440VS14 x 40Taper AttachmentACU-RITE 200S W/ CSS14
Find Dealer >> 892458
892408E-1340VS13 x 40Taper AttachmentACU-RITE 200S W/ CSS13
Find Dealer >> 892408
892308E-1236VS12 x 36Taper AttachmentACU-RITE 203 W/ CSS12
Find Dealer >> 892308
892459E-1440VS14 x 40Collet CloserACU-RITE 200S W/ CSS14
Find Dealer >> 892459
892409E-1340VS13 x 40Collet CloserACU-RITE 200S W/ CSS13
Find Dealer >> 892409
892309E-1236VS12 x 36Collet CloserACU-RITE 203 W/ CSS12
Find Dealer >> 892309
892460E-1440VS14 x 40Taper AttachmentCollet CloserACU-RITE 200S W/ CSS14
Find Dealer >> 892460
892410E-1340VS13 x 40Taper AttachmentCollet CloserACU-RITE 200S W/ CSS13
Find Dealer >> 892410
892310E-1236VS12 x 36Taper AttachmentCollet CloserACU-RITE 203 W/ CSS12
Find Dealer >> 892310
892461E-1440VS14 x 40ACU-RITE 300S14
Find Dealer >> 892461
892411E-1340VS13 x 40ACU-RITE 300S13
Find Dealer >> 892411
892311E-1236VS12 x 36ACU-RITE 30312
Find Dealer >> 892311
892462E-1440VS14 x 40Taper AttachmentACU-RITE 300S14
Find Dealer >> 892462
892412E-1340VS13 x 40Taper AttachmentACU-RITE 300S13
Find Dealer >> 892412
892312E-1236VS12 x 36Taper AttachmentACU-RITE 30312
Find Dealer >> 892312
892463E-1440VS14 x 40Collet CloserACU-RITE 300S14
Find Dealer >> 892463
892413E-1340VS13 x 40Collet CloserACU-RITE 300S13
Find Dealer >> 892413
892313E-1236VS12 x 36Collet CloserACU-RITE 30312
Find Dealer >> 892313
892464E-1440VS14 x 40Taper AttachmentCollet CloserACU-RITE 300S14
Find Dealer >> 892464
892414E-1340VS13 x 40Taper AttachmentCollet CloserACU-RITE 300S13
Find Dealer >> 892414
892314E-1236VS12 x 36Taper AttachmentCollet CloserACU-RITE 30312
Find Dealer >> 892314
892465E-1440VS14 x 40ACU-RITE 303 W/ CSS14
Find Dealer >> 892465
892415E-1340VS13 x 40ACU-RITE 303W/ CSS13
Find Dealer >> 892415
892315E-1236VS12 x 36ACU-RITE 303 W/ CSS12
Find Dealer >> 892315
892466E-1440VS14 x 40Taper AttachmentACU-RITE 303 W/ CSS14
Find Dealer >> 892466
892416E-1340VS13 x 40Taper AttachmentACU-RITE 303 W/ CSS13
Find Dealer >> 892416
892316E-1236VS12 x 36Taper AttachmentACU-RITE 303 W/ CSS12
Find Dealer >> 892316
892467E-1440VS14 x 40Collet CloserACU-RITE 303 W/ CSS14
Find Dealer >> 892467
892417E-1340VS13 x 40Collet CloserACU-RITE 303 W/ CSS13
Find Dealer >> 892417
892317E-1236VS12 x 36Collet CloserACU-RITE 303 W/ CSS12
Find Dealer >> 892317
892468E-1440VS14 x 40Taper AttachmentCollet CloserACU-RITE 303 W/ CSS14
Find Dealer >> 892468
892418E-1340VS13 x 40Taper AttachmentCollet CloserACU-RITE 303W/ CSS13
Find Dealer >> 892418
892318E-1236VS12 x 36Taper AttachmentCollet CloserACU-RITE 303 W/ CSS12
Find Dealer >> 892318
892469E-1440VS14 x 40Newall DP70014
Find Dealer >> 892469
892419E-1340VS13 x 40Newall DP70013
Find Dealer >> 892419
892319E-1236VS12 x 36Newall DP70012
Find Dealer >> 892319
892470E-1440VS14 x 40Taper AttachmentNewall DP70014
Find Dealer >> 892470
892420E-1340VS13 x 40Taper AttachmentNewall DP70013
Find Dealer >> 892420
892320E-1236VS12 x 36Taper AttachmentNewall DP70012
Find Dealer >> 892320
892471E-1440VS14 x 40Collet CloserNewall DP70014
Find Dealer >> 892471
892421E-1340VS13 x 40Collet CloserNewall DP70013
Find Dealer >> 892421
892321E-1236VS12 x 36Collet CloserNewall DP70012
Find Dealer >> 892321
892472E-1440VS14 x 40Taper AttachmentCollet CloserNewall DP70014
Find Dealer >> 892472
892422E-1340VS13 x 40Taper AttachmentCollet CloserNewall DP70013
Find Dealer >> 892422
200 Series Quick Change Tool Post Set
200 Series Quick Change Tool Post Set
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Taper Attachment For ELITE E-1236VS Lathe
Taper Attachment For ELITE E-1236VS Lathe
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5C Lever Type Collet Closer For ELITE E-1236VS Lathe
5C Lever Type Collet Closer For ELITE E-1236VS Lathe
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10" Faceplate D1-4 For ELITE EVS Lathes
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8" 4-Jaw Chuck D1-4 For Elite EVS Lathes
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Aloris AXA Intro-Pro Set for Elite E-1236VS Lathe
Aloris AXA Intro-Pro Set for Elite E-1236VS Lathe
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