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EGH-21120 With ACU-RITE 303 DRO

When precision matters the most. The large spindle bore Elite lathes are the signature machines within the Elite lathe lineup. Engineered to meet world-class tolerances for spindle run out, bed alignment, and bed-way parallelism, these lathes take Precision, durability and safety, beyond what the market needs
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  • 3-1/8" Spindle Bore
  • Matrix® Disc Clutch permits the changing of gears without stopping the motor, reducing wear
  • Universal gearbox supports inch, metric, modular and diametral threads, without changing gears
  • Anti-Float design eliminates backlash in the cross slide
  • Steady rests feature ball bearing guides for smooth material movements
  • Fully lit with CNC style lighting, the enclosed full length splash guard is expertly designed to contain all chips and coolant
  • Class 7 precision taper roller bearings keep spindle run out to a maximum of 0.0004
  • Hardened and ground gears in headstock reduce vibration and deflection
  • Wider bedways absorb vibration
  • Turcite-B coating between bed and carriage provides friction free motion in all linear directions
  • One-Shot lubrication in the carriage reduces maintenance
  • Overload clutch at feed shaft prevents the carriage from crashing into the chuck
  • Shear pin in the lead screw disengages the feed when overloaded, preventing damage to the apron and headstock
  • Hardened and ground bedways provide accurate longitudinal movements
  • Front facing chip pan allows easy chip removal from the front of the machine
  • Certified Meehanite® castings retain their tolerances and remain rigid through many years of machining
  • For added safety, the EGH-21120 Lathe follows strict guidelines and electrical requirements to be certified by CSA Group
  • Standard Equipment
  • 12" 3-Jaw chuck
  • Backplate for 12" Chuck
  • Steady Rest-Ball Bearing
  • Follow Rest- Brass Tipped
  • 4-Way Tool Post
  • Chuck Guard
  • Micro-Carriage Stop
  • Threading Dial
  • Leveling Pads
  • Tool Box With Tools

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Size21 x 120
Digital ReadoutACU-RITE 303
Swing Over Bed (In.)21
Swing Over Cross Slide (In.)14
Swing Through Gap (In.)31-1/9
Length of Gap (In.)9-5/6
Distance Between Centers (In.)120
Spindle Bore (In.)3-1/8
Spindle MountD1-8
Spindle Taper with SleeveMT-7
Number of Spindle Speeds16
Range of Spindle Speeds (RPM)20 - 1,600
Range of Longitudinal Feeds (IPR)0.0015 - 0.04
Range of Cross Feeds (IPR)0.00075 - 0.02
Number of Inch Threads38
Range of Inch Threads (TPI)2 - 72
Number of Metric Threads40
Range of Metric Threads0.4 - 14
Diametrial Pitch Threads Number21
Diametrial Pitch Threads Range8 - 44
Modular Pitch Threads Number18
Modular Pitch Threads Range0.3 - 3.5
Max Tool Size (In.)1 x 1
Compound Slide Travel (In.)5-2/5
Cross Slide Travel (In.)10-2/3
Tailstock Spindle Travel (In.)6-1/2
Taper in Tailstock SpindleMT-5
Follow Rest Capacity (In.)1/2 - 3-1/2
Steady Rest Capacity (In.)3/8 - 7-3/4
Width of Bed (In.)13-4/7
Motor (HP)12-1/2 HP, 230/460V, 3Ph
Ampearge Draw @ 230V 3Ph37
Amperage Draw @ 460V 3Ph18
Prewired (V.)230
Coolant Pump Motor1/8 HP
Weight (Lbs.)8157
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) (In.)182 x 44 x 68
DriveGeared Head Clutch
Style (Type)ELITE Geared Head Clutch

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JET Elite 3-Year Warranty

Industry Leading Warranty and Service

All Elite Machinery is backed by a 3 Year Parts and Labor Warranty. The Elite 3-Year Warranty is backed by JET with over 55 years of providing unparalleled service and support.

Contact 1-855-336-4032 for more information.
Stock NoModel NoSizeAccessory 1Accessory 2Digital ReadoutSwing Over Bed (In.)Buying Options
892270EGH-2112021 x 12021
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892250EGH-218021 x 8021
Find Dealer >> 892250
892200EGH-188018 x 8018
Find Dealer >> 892200
892650EGH-2112021 x 120Taper Attachment21
Find Dealer >> 892650
892630EGH-218021 x 80Taper Attachment21
Find Dealer >> 892630
892600EGH-188018 x 80Taper Attachment18
Find Dealer >> 892600
892651EGH-2112021 x 120Collet Closer21
Find Dealer >> 892651
892631EGH-218021 x 80Collet Closer21
Find Dealer >> 892631
892601EGH-188018 x 80Collet Closer18
Find Dealer >> 892601
892652EGH-2112021 x 120Taper AttachmentCollet Closer21
Find Dealer >> 892652
892632EGH-218021 x 80Taper AttachmentCollet Closer21
Find Dealer >> 892632
892602EGH-188018 x 80Taper AttachmentCollet Closer18
Find Dealer >> 892602
892653EGH-2112021 x 120ACU-RITE 20321
Find Dealer >> 892653
892633EGH-218021 x 80T203-1484J21
Find Dealer >> 892633
892603EGH-188018 x 80T203-1484J18
Find Dealer >> 892603
892654EGH-2112021 x 120Taper AttachmentACU-RITE 20321
Find Dealer >> 892654
892634EGH-218021 x 80Taper AttachmentT203-1484J21
Find Dealer >> 892634
892604EGH-188018 x 80Taper AttachmentT203-1484J18
Find Dealer >> 892604
892655EGH-2112021 x 120Collet CloserACU-RITE 20321
Find Dealer >> 892655
892635EGH-218021 x 80Collet CloserT203-1484J21
Find Dealer >> 892635
892605EGH-188018 x 80Collet CloserT203-1484J18
Find Dealer >> 892605
892656EGH-2112021 x 120Taper AttachmentCollet CloserACU-RITE 20321
Find Dealer >> 892656
892636EGH-218021 x 80Taper AttachmentCollet CloserT203-1484J21
Find Dealer >> 892636
892606EGH-188018 x 80Taper AttachmentCollet CloserT203-1484J18
Find Dealer >> 892606
892657EGH-2112021 x 120ACU-RITE 30321
Find Dealer >> 892657
892637EGH-218021 x 80ACU-RITE 30321
Find Dealer >> 892637
892607EGH-188018 x 80ACU-RITE 30318
Find Dealer >> 892607
892658EGH-2112021 x 120Taper AttachmentACU-RITE 30321
Find Dealer >> 892658
892638EGH-218021 x 80Taper AttachmentACU-RITE 30321
Find Dealer >> 892638
892608EGH-188018 x 80Taper AttachmentACU-RITE 30318
Find Dealer >> 892608
892659EGH-2112021 x 120Collet CloserACU-RITE 30321
Find Dealer >> 892659
892639EGH-218021 x 80Collet CloserACU-RITE 30321
Find Dealer >> 892639
892609EGH-188018 x 80Collet CloserACU-RITE 30318
Find Dealer >> 892609
892660EGH-2112021 x 120Taper AttachmentCollet CloserACU-RITE 30321
Find Dealer >> 892660
892640EGH-218021 x 80Taper AttachmentCollet CloserACU-RITE 30321
Find Dealer >> 892640
892610EGH-188018 x 80Taper AttachmentCollet CloserACU-RITE 30318
Find Dealer >> 892610
892661EGH-2112021 x 120Newall DP70021
Find Dealer >> 892661
892641EGH-218021 x 80Newall DP70021
Find Dealer >> 892641
892611EGH-188018 x 80Newall DP70018
Find Dealer >> 892611
892662EGH-2112021 x 120Taper AttachmentNewall DP70021
Find Dealer >> 892662
892642EGH-218021 x 80Taper AttachmentNewall DP70021
Find Dealer >> 892642
892612EGH-188018 x 80Taper AttachmentNewall DP70018
Find Dealer >> 892612
892663EGH-2112021 x 120Collet CloserNewall DP70021
Find Dealer >> 892663
892643EGH-218021 x 80Collet CloserNewall DP70021
Find Dealer >> 892643
892613EGH-188018 x 80Collet CloserNewall DP70018
Find Dealer >> 892613
892664EGH-2112021 x 120Taper AttachmentCollet CloserNewall DP70021
Find Dealer >> 892664
892645EGH-218021 x 80Taper AttachmentCollet CloserNewall DP70021
Find Dealer >> 892645
892614EGH-188018 x 80Taper AttachmentCollet CloserNewall DP70018
Find Dealer >> 892614
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