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JTM-1050EVS2/230 Mill With 3-Axis Newall DP700 DRO (Knee) With X and Y-Axis Powerfeeds

Constructed using the Meehanite® casting process, the JTM-1050EVS2/230, 10" x 50" Electronic Variable Speed Milling Machine provides consistent and reliable operation. The newly designed column and base incorporates a rigid, robust design that is easily leveled without lifting the machine. JET Mills have features you've come to expect and are backed by the industry-leading JET Two Year Warranty
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  • JET designed Certified Meehanite® casting with enhanced ribbing ensures rigidity and tolerance retention
  • Swing away control box houses an e-stop and puts all controls at the operators fingertips
  • The innovative design of the machine base provides an easier solution to level the machine without raising it up off the floor
  • Automatic oiler releases 3 to 6 cc/cy of lubrication at adjustable time intervals
  • For added safety, the heavy-duty spindle break stops the spindle and interrupts the power, preventing accidental start-ups
  • The electrical box has been relocated to the back of the mill and houses two 115V outlets for powered accessories
  • CSA/CUS Certified
  • Class 7 spindle bearings support the spindle for maximum rigidity in heavy cutting applications
  • Spindle head is internally cooled extending bearing, belt and motor life
  • Table and ways are hardened up to 54 HRC and precision ground for greater accuracy
  • The X and Y-Axis are coated with Turcite-B for reduced vibration and smooth movements
  • Swing away safety shield
  • LED work lamp
  • Chip pan
  • Dual locks on all moveable surfaces
  • Way covers
  • Drawbar
  • Tool box with tools

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Style (Type)EVS
Digital ReadoutNewall DP700
PowerfeedX and Y-Axis
Spindle Taper (In. x TPI)R-8
Table Size (L x W) (In.)10 x 50
Quill Diameter (In.)3-3/8
Number of Spindle SpeedsVariable
Range of Spindle Speeds (RPM)60 - 4,500
Quill Down Feed Rates (IPR).0015 - .003 - .006
Spindle Travel (In.)5
Head Movement (Deg.)90°R & L 45° F & B 
Max Distance Spindle to Table (In.)20-3/4
Distance Spindle to Column (Max.) (In.)26-3/4
Distance Spindle to Column (Min.) (In.)4-3/4
Collet Capacity1/8 - 7/8
Table Longitudinal Travel (In.)35-1/3
Table Longitudinal Travel With Powerfeed (In.)29-7/8
Table Cross Travel (In.)14-3/4
T-Slots Number and Size (In.)3 and 5/8
T-Slot Centers (In.)2-1/2
Work Table Weight Capacity (Lbs.)840
Travel of Knee (In.)16-1/8
Travel of Ram (In.)15-7/8
Saddle Width (In.)11-1/2
Column Width (In.)20
Inverter TypeDelta, B
Motor (HP)3 HP, 230V, 3Ph
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) (In.)66 x 63 x 87
Weight (Lbs.)2,860

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JET Red Assurance 2-Year Warranty

JET warrants every product it sells. If one of our tools needs service or repair, one of our Authorized Service Centers located throughout the United States can give you quick service. In most cases, any of these JPW Industries Authorized Service Centers can authorize warranty repair, assist you in obtaining parts, or perform routine maintenance and major repair on your JET tools. For the name of an Authorized Service Center in your area call 1-800-274-6848.
Stock NoModel NoStyle (Type)Digital ReadoutNumber of AxisPowerfeedPower Draw BarBuying Options
690650JTM-1050EVS2/230EVSACU-RITE 2032X, Y and Z-AxisPneumatic
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690603JTM-1050EVS2/230EVSX and Y-Axis
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690604JTM-1050EVS2/230EVSX, Y and Z-Axis
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690621JTM-1050EVS2/230EVSACU-RITE 2032X and Y-Axis
Buy Now >> 690621
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690622JTM-1050EVS2/230EVSACU-RITE 2032X and Y-AxisPneumatic
Buy Now >> 690622
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690223JTM-1050EVS2/230EVSNewall DP7003 (Knee)X and Z-Axis
Buy Now >> 690223
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690625JTM-1050EVS2/230EVSACU-RITE 203X-AxisPneumatic
Buy Now >> 690625
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690626JTM-1050EVS2/230EVSACU-RITE 2033 (Knee)X and Y-Axis
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690627JTM-1050EVS2/230EVSACU-RITE 2033 (Knee)X and Y-AxisPneumatic
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690628JTM-1050EVS2/230EVSACU-RITE 2033 (Knee)X, Y and Z-Axis
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690629JTM-1050EVS2/230EVSACU-RITE 203X-Axis
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690630JTM-1050EVS2/230EVSACU-RITE 2033 (Quill)X-AxisPneumatic
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690631JTM-1050EVS2/230EVSACU-RITE 203X and Y-Axis
Buy Now >> 690631
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690632JTM-1050EVS2/230EVSACU-RITE 2033 (Quill)X and Y-AxisPneumatic
Buy Now >> 690632
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690633JTM-1050EVS2/230EVSACU-RITE 2033 (Quill)X, Y and Z-Axis
Buy Now >> 690633
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690634JTM-1050EVS2/230EVSNewall DP700X-Axis
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690635JTM-1050EVS2/230EVSNewall DP7002X-AxisPneumatic
Buy Now >> 690635
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690636JTM-1050EVS2/230EVSNewall DP7002X and Y-Axis
Buy Now >> 690636
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690637JTM-1050EVS2/230EVSNewall DP700X and Y-AxisPneumatic
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690638JTM-1050EVS2/230EVSNewall DP7002X, Y and Z-Axis
Buy Now >> 690638
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690639JTM-1050EVS2/230EVSNewall DP7003 (Knee)X-Axis
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690640JTM-1050EVS2/230EVSNewall DP7003 (Knee)X-AxisPneumatic
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690641JTM-1050EVS2/230EVSNewall DP700X and Y-Axis
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690642JTM-1050EVS2/230EVSNewall DP700X and Y-AxisPneumatic
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690643JTM-1050EVS2/230EVSNewall DP7003 (Knee)X, Y and Z-Axis
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690644JTM-1050EVS2/230EVSNewall DP700X-Axis
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690645JTM-1050EVS2/230EVSNewall DP7003 (Quill)X-AxisPneumatic
Buy Now >> 690645
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690646JTM-1050EVS2/230EVSNewall DP7003 (Quill)X and Y-Axis
Buy Now >> 690646
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690647JTM-1050EVS2/230EVSNewall DP7003 (Quill)X and Y-AxisPneumatic
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690648JTM-1050EVS2/230EVSNewall DP7003 (Quill)X, Y and Z-Axis
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Coolant  System With Motor and Tray for JTM949EVS and JTM-1050EVS Mills
Coolant System With Motor and Tray for JTM949EVS and JTM-1050EVS Mills
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