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JET Lever Hoists

JET lever hoists combine a true industrial design with highly refined quality culminating in the last lever hoist you may ever need to purchase. The attention to detail in the design of this series is second to none. The drop forged, carbon steel hooks are quenched and tempered to increase strength and will slowly stretch to indicate an overload situation.

Polipastos de palanca Serie JLH
Los polipastos de palanca Serie JLH de JET combinan un diseño industrial sobresaliente con una... Más +
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Polipastos de palanca Serie JLP
Los polipastos de palanca Serie JLP de JET vienen con un sistema de freno automático tipo Weston... Más +
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Los polipastos de palanca de JET combinan un excelente diseño industrial con una calidad altamente... Más +