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JET Electric Hoists

JET® Electric Hoists are designed for commercial and industrial applications.  JET Electric Hoists are available in single or three phase electrical configurations and capacities from 1/8 ton to 5 tons. JET Electric Hoists are available with up to 30 feet of lift and can be ordered with custom lifts. JET Electric Chain Hoists comply with OSHA, ANSI / ASME B30.16 regulations and HST-1 Standards.

JSH Series Electric Hoists
JET® JSH Series electric hoists combine safety, durability and portability to operate in light duty...  +
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SSC Series Electric Hoists
JET® SSC Series electric hoists combine safety and durability to operate in commercial and...  +
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Electric Hoists

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With industry-leading technology and safety features, JET’s full line of manual and electric hoists...  +