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Corporate Culture

No matter where we are doing business and with whom we are dealing, our global corporate culture is based on the same principles in making decisions, in relations with everyone who has a stake in the company’s success, in dealing with each other, in the provision of information and in communications well as in assessing performance. Our corporate culture is based on the moral values and attitudes that characterize the behavior of all our staff and consequently the image of Walter Meier.

Open Minded

We look at everyone and everything in an unbiased manner, without prejudice. We think globally when considering business opportunities around the world. Our innovations are the result of our enthusiasm for leading-edge concepts and technologies. 


We are quick to act and respond. We do not wait to be prompted into action by others but instead act on our own initiative. We do not let bureaucracy slow us down and instead strive to act in a decisive manner. 


We are unselfish in constantly focusing on the common interest. We adapt to situations flexibly to improve our teamwork. We are reliable in keeping our promises. 


We are uncomplicated in our dealings and are prepared to give honest and straightforward answers. We are willing to follow the other persons train of thought so as to make ourselves comprehensible. Because we are concise, we do not waste time. 

Result Oriented

Because we are focused, we can concentrate on what is essential. We are tenacious, unyielding and push forward to our goals. We are satisfied only when our determination leads to consistently good results.





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