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AFS-400 Benchtop Air Filtration System


The new JET AFS-400 Air Filtration unit can either be hung from the ceiling by four hooks to save shop space or be used as benchtop. This little powerhouse cleans and circulates air in a 20’ x 20’ x 8’ shop, 7 cycles per hour to provide you with a cleaner, healthier shop environment. Three speeds 260, 362, and 409 CFM allow you to choose the most efficient air filtration for your shop. The remote control with built-in timer settings for 1, 2 and 4 hours will shut off automatically at the end of the designated time, cleaning the air in your shop even while you are away.
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  • Remote control has built-in timer with 1, 2 and 4 hour settings; automatically shuts system off at the end of the time setting
  • Select from three speeds 260, 362, 409 CFM for the most efficient air filtration
  • Disposable electrostatic outer filter attracts more dust particles than standard filters
  • Inner pocket filter is removable for easy cleaning
  • Rubber feet prevent marring of surface when placed on workbench
  • Four hooks let you hang unit from shop ceiling
  • Easy grip handle for portablility

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Inner Filter Efficiency1
Timer Settings1, 2, 4
Motor Power (HP)1/8
Motor Voltage (V.)115
Prewired Voltage (V.)115