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Ferrous Circular Saw Blade 350mm x 32mm x 2.5mm x 360T For J-FK350-2/4K


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  • M2 HSS Steam tempered - 62/64 HRc for ferrous cutting applications
  • 2 pin holes are 11mm diameter / 63mm on center
  • 2 pin holes are 8mm diameter / 45mm on center
  • The first number is the outside diameter of the blade, 350mm
  • The second number is the center hole diameter, 32mm
  • The third number is the thickness of the blade, 2.5mm
  • The fourth number is the total number of teeth on the blade, 360 teeth
  • Circular Saw Blade 350mm x 2.5mm x 32mm x 360T Ferrous

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