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JHJ-60, 60-Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack


JET®JHJ Series Hydraulic Bottle Jacks have capacities from 2 to 100 tons, and are available in standard and low profile heights. The pump piston and ram are chrome plated for added corrosive resistance increasing durability. Each JHJ model functions in upright, angled or horizontal positions for increased versatility. JET JHJ Series Hydraulic Bottle Jacks comply with ANSI/ASME B30.1 and PALD-1 standards
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  • Precision machined and polished cylinders provide non-abrasive, leak-free, durable performance
  • Heavy-duty bases are electrically welded providing a stable platform
  • Hydraulic system is protected from damage by internal by-pass mechanism
  • Chrome-plated piston and ram are corrosion resistant for use in any industrial environment
  • Industrial-duty construction permits use in extreme climates
  • Lifting, pushing, spreading, bending, pressing or straightening capabilities
  • Upright, horizontal or angled operating positions increase versatility
  • Pump handle included
  • Complies with ANSI/ASME B30.1 and PALD-1 Standards
  • Operating temperature range from -4°F to 158°F

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Load Capacity (Tons)60
Minimum Height (In.)12
Piston Height (In.)6-3/4
Head Screw (In.)-
Maximum Height (In.)18-5/8
Base Dimensions (L x W) (In.)9-1/4 x 7-3/8
Weight (Lbs.)82
Rebuild / Repair KitJHJ060-RK

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Stock NoModel NoLoad Capacity (Tons)Minimum Height (In.)Piston Height (In.)Head Screw (In.)Maximum Height (In.)Buying Options
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453312JHJ-12 1/212-1/29-1/25-7/83-1/818-1/2
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453313KJHJ-12 1/2L12-1/26-3/43-3/4313-3/8
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453317JHJ-17 1/217-1/210-3/86-1/23-1/820
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453318KJHJ-17 1/2L17-1/26-3/43-1/22-3/413
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Buy Now >> 453301
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453322JHJ-22 1/222-1/210-5/86-1/4-16-7/8
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453323KJHJ-22 1/2L22-1/27-1/83-3/81-1/212
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