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JSH-275-20 1/8-Ton Electric Chain Hoist 1-Phase 20' Lift


JET® JSH Series electric hoists combines safety, durability and portability to operate in light duty commercial and industrial applications. The die cast Aluminum housing keeps the hoist lightweight and easily portable. All models incorporate a slip clutch overload protection mechanism that prevents the hoist from lifting damaging loads above its rated capacity. They have a built-in thermal overload protection system that keeps the hoist from overheating. The industry proven magnetic disk brake increases safety by ensuring rapid stops and securing the load. The maintenance-free gear train incorporates a sealed oil bath, eliminating maintenance. The JET® JSH Series electric hoist is available in 1/8 ton and 1/4 ton capacities with standard lifts of 10, 15, and 20 feet (custom lifts available).
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  • Overload Protection- Slip Clutch design prevents the hoist from lifting damaging loads above its rated capacity
  • Thermal Overload Protection- A Safety switch that keeps the hoist from overheating in low voltage situations
  • Magnetic Disk Brake- An Industry proven safety feature that ensures rapid stops and securing of the load
  • Limit Switches- Upper and lower limiting switches increase safety by preventing the load chain from over traveling
  • Performance
  • Single Phase:
  • Duty Rating- H3
  • Duty Cycle- 25%
  • Durability
  • Aluminum Housing- Aluminum alloy housing decreases the weight for convenient transportation
  • Heat Treated Gears- Heat treated alloy steel geared drive train for long lasting durability
  • Sealed Gear Train- Maintenance-free gear train incorporates a sealed design that eliminates upkeep
  • Grade 80 Load Chain- Grade 80 black oxide coated load chain for durability
  • Standards
  • This product complies with ANSI / ASME B30.16 and HST-1 standards
  • Certification- Load tested to 125% of capacity with certificate
  • JET VOLT and SSC Series Electric Hoists and JET ET Series Electric Trolleys are NOT rated or designed for outdoor use or wet environments

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Load Capacity (Tons)1/8
Lift (Ft.)20
Motor Power (HP)1/6
Motor Voltage (V.)115
Motor (HP)1/6 HP, 115V, 1 Ph
Motor Phase1
Motor Current (Amps.)3
Load Chain Dimensions (Mm.)4 x 12
Number of Falls1
Duty Cycle RatingH3
Duty Cycle (%)25
Max. On Time (Min. / Hr.)15
Max. Number of Starts (Per Hr.)150
Lifting Speed (FPM)16
Headroom (In.)15-1/4
Weight (Lbs.)33.9
Weight for Additional 1 Ft. of Lift (Lbs.)0.3

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Stock NoModel NoLoad Capacity (Tons)Lift (Ft.)Motor Power (HP)Motor Voltage (V.)Motor (HP)Buying Options
110100JSH-275-101/8101/61151/6 HP, 115V, 1 Ph
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110115JSH-275-151/8151/61151/6 HP, 115V, 1 Ph
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110120JSH-275-201/8201/61151/6 HP, 115V, 1 Ph
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110110JSH-550-101/4101/61151/6 HP, 115V, 1 Ph
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110515JSH-550-151/4151/61151/6 HP, 115V, 1 Ph
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110520JSH-550-201/4201/61151/6 HP, 115V, 1 Ph
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