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JSSG-10: JET Slow Speed Wet Sharpener


The JET Slow Speed Wet Sharpener offers woodworkers an advanced combination of features that are not available on any other sharpening system. It comes equipped with variable speed control, and includes an oversized water tray, and tool storage tray. A variety of accessories are included: support arm, stone grader, straight edge jig, honing compound, angle measuring device, existing angle measuring device, DVD and instruction manual.
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  • Enclosed motor housing keeps debris and water from interior of tool
  • Variable dial speed control maintains outer wheel speed regardless of sharpening stone diameter
  • Torque adjustment applies consistent pressure to drive shaft
  • Oversized water tray has a flared top edge to capture more water during sharpening
  • Built-in storage tray provides a convenient place for sharpening accessories
  • Diameter scale provides a quick reference of stone wheel diameter

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Style (Type)Benchtop
Motor Speed (RPM)90 - 150
Motor Voltage (V.)115
Prewired Voltage (V.)115
Motor Current (Amps.)1-4/5