EHB-916V, 9 x 16 Variable Speed Bandsaw

EHB-916V, 9 x 16 Variable Speed Bandsaw

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EHB-916V, 9 x 16 Variable Speed Bandsaw

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A new legacy of saws. Saws that need to demonstrate new kinds of flexibility, are counted on to last longer, and operate more safely at the same time. Mitering and dual mitering bring an added level of capabilities. All saws come standard with variable speed. Table heights have been optimized, and a completely redesigned swing away control panel. These are the most precise, most durable, and safest bandsaws you could ever put into your shop.


  • The ELITE swing away panel reloates saw controls to a single location, offering finger-tip operation of most major saw functions.
  • For added safety, the EHB-916V Bandsaw follows strict guidelines and electrical requirements to be certified by CSA Group
  • To reduce user fatigue and increase safety of the worker, we increased the saw bed height to up to 30 in.
  • Automatic blade breakage sensor detects acciental breakage and interrupts the power
  • Variable speed drivetrain allows operator to fine tune the blade speed fast and easily
  • Integrated pressurized wash hose for easy machine cleaning
  • Quick positioning vise for clamping of materials
  • Large handwheel with blade tensioning gauge acurately measures blade pressure
  • Automatic blade shut off switch stops the sawing process
  • Hydraulic downfeed control is easily adjusted enabling feed feed rates to evolve with the variaous types of materials
  • Built-in, self-propelled chip brush prevents chip build up in blade guides.
  • Blade is fully guarded for operators safety
  • Standard Equipment
  • Coolant System
  • Quick positioning vise
  • Adjustable material stop
  • 1 4/6 VT Bi-Metal blade


  • Cutting Capacity (W x D) (In.) 9 x 16
  • Round at 90 Degrees (In.) 9
  • Round at 45 Degrees (In.) 7
  • Rectangle at 90 Degrees (In.) 6 x 16
  • Rectangle at 45 Degrees (In.) 7 x 8-1/2
  • Square at 90 Degrees (In.) 9 x 9
  • Square at 45 Degrees (In.) 7 x 7
  • Vise Swivels (Deg.) 45
  • Head Movement (Deg.) 0
  • Blade Size (In.) 1 x .035 x 128-1/2
  • Blade Wheel Diameter (In.) 14
  • Blade Length (In.) 128-1/2
  • Blade Speeds (SFPM) 53 - 275
  • Bed Height (In.) 30
  • Motor (HP) 1-1/2 HP, 115/230V, 1Ph
  • Amperage Draw @ 115V 1Ph 15
  • Amperage Draw @ 230V 1Ph 7
  • Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) (In.) 65 x 28 x 42
  • Weight (Lbs.) 726
  • Drive Variable Speed

Warranty Information

Industry Leading Warranty and Service

All Elite Machinery is backed by a 3 Year Parts and Labor Warranty. The Elite 3-Year Warranty is backed by JET with over 55 years of providing unparalleled service and support. Contact 1-855-336-4032 for more information.


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Bi-Metal Bandsaw Blade 1" x 0.035 x 128-1/2" (4/6T) For EHB-916V

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