EVS-1440 Electronic Variable Speed lathe with Newall DP700 DRO, Taper Attachment & Collet Closer,3HP

EVS-1440 Electronic Variable Speed lathe with Newall DP700 DRO, Taper Attachment & Collet Closer,3HP

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EVS-1440 Electronic Variable Speed lathe with Newall DP700 DRO, Taper Attachment & Collet Closer,3HP

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The EVS-1440B is engineered to maximize your shop’s output. The D1 4 Spindle is precision ground for accuracy and supported by class 7 tapered roller bearings capable of a run out maximum of .0004’’. The 2 speed gearbox allows operators to easily work at low speeds from 40 to 365 RPM and at high speeds from 220 to 2,000 RPMs


  • V-way bed design is induction hardened and ground
  • Splined, not keyed, shafts are utilized
  • D1-4 spindle is precision ground for accuracy and supported by high quality tapered roller bearings
  • Independent leadscrew and feed rod
  • Adjustable gibs are incorporated in the carriage and slideways
  • Class 7 precision taper roller bearings keep spindle run out to a maximum of 0.0004"
  • Meehanite castings retain their tolerance and remain rigid through many years of machining
  • Safety on/off switch
  • Emergency Stop within easy reach of the Operator
  • Electronic Chuck Key Docking Station
  • Chuck Guard
  • Foot Brake
  • Two speed gearbox allows low speeds from 40-365 RPM to high speeds from 220-2000 RPM
  • LED RPM readout allows for precise turning speeds
  • Spindle actuation control is apron mounted
  • Gap bed section provided for larger diameter work
  • Compound and cross slide have backlash elimination
  • Tailstock may be offset for turning tapers and includes an inch-metric graduated quill
  • Front removable chip tray
  • Spindle jog button for easy gear engagement and spindle inching
  • Coolant system
  • Integrated locking tool storage cabinet in the stand
  • Full length splash guard
  • Standard Accessories
  • 6" 3-Jaw Chuck
  • Treading Dial Indicator
  • Coolant Pump
  • Steady & Follow Rest
  • Metric Change Gears
  • LED Work Lamp


  • Digital Readout Newall DP700
  • Accessory 1 Collet Closer
  • Accessory 2 Taper Attachment
  • Swing Over Bed (In.) 14
  • Swing Over Cross Slide (In.) 9-1/16
  • Swing Through Gap (In.) 19- 1/2
  • Length of Gap (In.) 9-1/2
  • Distance Between Centers (In.) 40
  • Spindle Bore (In.) 1-1/2
  • Spindle Mount D1-4
  • Number of Spindle Speeds Variable
  • Range of Spindle Speeds (RPM) 40-2000
  • Spindle Taper with Sleeve MT-5
  • Number of Longitudinal and Cross Feed Rates 25
  • Range of Longitudinal Feeds (IPR) 0.0016-0.0460
  • Number of Inch Threads 34
  • Range of Inch Threads (TPI) 2-56
  • Number of Metric Threads 34
  • Range of Metric Threads 0.5-12
  • Max Tool Size (In.) 3/4 x 3/4
  • Compound Slide Travel (In.) 3-1/2
  • Cross Slide Travel (In.) 7
  • Tailstock Spindle Travel (In.) 6-1/8
  • Taper in Tailstock Spindle MT-3
  • Follow Rest Capacity (In.) 0.35 - 2.2 Cooper Shaft (standard ) 0.393 - 2 Bearing Roller(OP)
  • Steady Rest Capacity (In.) 0.23-0.61 Copper Shaft ( Standard) 0.20-2.36 Bearing Roller(OP)
  • Width of Bed (In.) 7.48
  • Motor (HP) 3HP, 230/460V, 3Ph
  • Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) (In.) 68.5 x 28.3 x 50
  • Shipping Dimensions (L x W x H) (In.) 76 x 30 x 61
  • Net Weight (Lbs.) 1320
  • Gross Weight (Lbs) 1584

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